In San Cristóbal Magallanes Church on April 28, Fr. Ignacio Tapia performed the Baptism Sacrament for Leonardo López Peña and he received this rite while in the arms of his godparents Melissa and Alfonso Peña, as his parents María Elva and Leonardo López watched. Family and friends accompanied them during the ceremony and then the celebration continued when all in attendance for this wonderful occasion went to the Cimarron Country Club after church.

En la Iglesia San Cristóbal Magallanes el 28 de Abril, de las manos del P. Ignacio Tapia recibió Leonardo López Peña el Sacramento del Bautizo en brazos de sus padrinos Melissa y Alfonso Peña, frente a sus papas María Elva y Leonardo López. Familiares y amigos los acompañaron durante la ceremonia para luego pasar al Club Campestre Cimarron

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