Since 2008, Sharylife Magazine has captured the vibrant spirit, style and life of Sharyland.

The region has grown in recent years to become an international hotspot.

 Our coverage of local personalities and pursuits, from Arts and Entertainment to Fashion, Real Estate, Recreation, and Food , helping the residents and visitors to enjoy the best of the region.

 Sharylife Magazine is the ONLY bi-weekly publication written specifically for the Sharyland market.

Sharylife Magazine distributes 10,000 magazines every other week,

making more than 240,000 impressions per year.

Distribution includes targeted mail delivery of more than 6,500 magazines to the area’s most affluent households

and 3,500 issues in more than 200 area business.

There is virtually no media vehicle that reaches into the Sharyland community

with the depth of coverage that Sharylife Magazine provides.





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